Fabric Pen Seals

Pen Seals are in use in plants where steam pipes penetrate the boiler wall. The Pen Seal effectively prevents thermal losses and the escape of gases. It further allows the tube or pipe to expand and contract thermally, without damaging the surrounding shell.

LBH has for a period of time been working on an alternative to the Steel Pen Seal – which is a good choice when installed on a new-built boiler, but becomes expensive and difficult to work with for retrofits.

The new alternative – LBH Fabric Pen Seal – has its advantages when a conventional Pen Seal of steel has to be replaced. The replacement with an LBH Pen Seal is quick, easy and cheap.

The composition consists of a molded insulation shell which insulates against high temperatures. The outer layer is a specially designed expansion joint, which functions as a gastight membrane.

The LBH Fabric Pen Seal is manufactured in such a way that it can easily be wrapped around the pipe and thus seal up.

The custom-made LBH Fabric Pen Seal is delivered in any size or shape.

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