Fire Seals

fire seals

The Fire Seal prevents the escape of fire and toxic fumes through pipe penetrations in bulkheads, decks and fire walls in addition to compensating for installation misalignments, thermal movements and vibration of the piping system.

Fire Seals are used in power plants – both nuclear and conventional, chemical plants and refineries. They are particularly suited for marine environments such as off-shore oil platforms, tankers and bulk carriers, where protection of personnel from fire on board is essential.

Testing of the Fire Seal was carried out under the supervision of an independent, accredited research institute, in the presence of internationally recognized surveyers.

Fire Seals are manufactured from a combination of fully tested and approved non-combustible materials – all seals have a unique outer cover material – Fire Cloth – which provides complete protection from the effects of sea water, ozone, methane and hydrocarbon fuels.

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