Elastomeric Expansion Joints

Elastomeric Expansion Joints

LBH vulcanized Elastomeric Expansion Joints are available in 4 different standard types.

Elastomeric expansion joints are especially suitable for wet chemical service and for applications in flue gas desulphurisation plants. The expansion joints are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

LBH specialises in the larger diameters, non-standard lengths and special shapes and configurations not covered by rubber companies’ standard ranges. The majority of LBH joints are for ducting larger than 600 mm in diameter.

LBH Elastomeric Expansion Joints are suitable for continuous temperatures up to 200º C (depending on the rubber type) and pressures up to 50 kPa. Each joint is made from a single elastomeric layer of material, which is laminated with one or more reinforcement layers and then vulcanised to form a solid, integral component.

LBH Elastomeric Expansion Joints provide an effective and durable solution to the problems of handling hot gases and associated condensates in hot-air and flue-gas systems.

Unlike metallic joints, elastomeric joints can easily absorb multidirectional expansion movements and vibrations and compensate for resulting misalignments.

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